The Evolution of the Smartphone Camera


ZTE, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo plan to Launch Phones with Under-Display Cameras in the Second Half of the Year

The display of smartphones has improved over the years and if the tipster, Ice Universe is to be believed, we'd soon witness the evolution of the front camera as it is reported that Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE are set to launch phones with under-display cameras in the second half of the year.

ZTE actually succeeded in releasing a smartphone phone with the camera under the display earlier this year as the Axon 20 featured a 38MP front camera hidden behind a semi-transparent AMOLED display screen but the selfies lacked sharpness and the area of the screen that hid the display wasn't perfect either. However, the head of ZTE Ni Fei confirmed that the second generation of the under-display camera is ready and it is expected to be implemented in the upcoming ZTE Axon 30. 

The tweet from Ice Universe indicates that Samsung is working on introducing the under-display camera technology in a foldable device, which might either be the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip or the next Galaxy Z Fold

Xiaomi is also planning on implementing the under-display camera in its Mi Mix 4 and Oppo, just like Samsung, is going to introduce the under-display camera technology in their next foldable devices. While it is reported that Vivo will release a phone with an under-display camera, there is currently no information as to what type of phone it will be introduced with. 

Nevertheless, it seems like companies would introduce their own devices with the under-display camera, which means the technology is bound to improve soon and become even more widely spread. After under-display fingerprint sensors were introduced and have been successful, the next logical step was to try and implement under-display cameras to reduce the cutouts in the screen because many people are tired of them. 

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