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ZTE Axon 30 Series Would Launch With New High-End S888 Chipset and 3×64MP Camera and Periscope

ZTE is set to unveil their new series of AXON 30 smartphones on the 15th of April, 2021, just as the release date of one of the devices in the series — the AXON 30 Pro — was announced. A teaser of the same device displaying the beautiful shape of this camera island has started making its rounds in the news.

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The new ZTE AXON 30 series will feature three 64MP back cameras, a 200MP sensor, and a Snapdragon 888 chipset. These significant updates would very likely include the fast-growing 120Hz feature in high-end devices.

The most beautiful part of the new smartphone is the number of cameras it comes with; three camera sensors with a resolution of 64 Megapixels close to module four (telephoto camera). There were many speculations about the quality of the camera, many of which were not true as it was rumored that there would be a 200MP sensor embedded in the camera's system, but this turned out to be quite wrong. 

Also, there is a higher chance that other phones in the 30 series would have their production slowed, except for the Axon 30 Pro Version which is a pinnacle model. There were recent rumors about the refresh rate of the 30 series being upgraded to 120Hz display from the second generation lower display selfie camera, this rumored update turned out to be true and like many new high-end devices, the Axon 30 Pro version would now operate very fast.

Additionally, it was tipped that there would be ease of charging for the phone, it is not simple charging, though, we're talking fast charging for the sake of a long-lasting duration and better performance, all from its feature of 55W fast charging ability.

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The interface deemed fit by ZTE for this phone's perfect functioning is the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The S888 is to be used as the placeholder page for the Axon 30series, which at the same time is exclusive to the Pro version of this particular camera. Plus, the series Axon 30 phone would be the first of Chinese technology to be embedded with this unique feature.

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Lastly, it was made known that this advancement in the Chinese technology industry is the most significant feat yet for the calendar year 2021. The smartphone system is powered by high-quality industrial materials like Integrated circuit design and automated display chips that allow its better user experience. There might be additional improvements on the specs of this handset which would be disclosed later.

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