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Upcoming OnePlus Watch Design Patents surface; might have variants with Leather and Sports Band Straps

OnePlus has registered two design patents with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) for its upcoming OnePlus Watch, and we're finally able to glean what the final form of this wearable might look like when it's eventually launched. The sketches associated with the patents show two variants of the OnePlus Watch, both with the same circular timepiece design but with different straps.

OnePlus Watch DPMA Patent Filing

One of the sketches has several drawings of the smartwatch all with a strap that looks very much like those you would find on the sport version of existing smartwatches and smartbands, like the Apple Watch Nike Editions and the OnePlus Band. There are different variants of this sporty strap, but they all share the same general design and clamping mechanism, with the buckle hole on the side of the strap with the buckle tongue, much like the Apple Watch Nike's straps, and as opposed to the straps on the OnePlus band which have the buckle on the side of the strap with the adjustable holes. If this strap eventually makes it to the launch version of the OnePlus Watch, it would most probably be made with silicone.

OnePlus Watch Patent Sketches - Sport Strap

The other type of strap shown on the patent design sketches looks very much like it's made of leather, with the locking mechanism comprised of a rather unusual form of clasp. The sketches also show the timepiece without the straps, which indicates that the straps are detachable and interchangeable, which is to be expected since most other smartbands and smartwatches also work this way.

OnePlus Watch Patent Sketches - Leather Strap

The OnePlus Watch might come with different straps, but the circular dial at the centre of the device would most likely be the same for all variants. According to the drawings, the dial would be enclosed in what looks like a metal casing, with two buttons on the right side of the watch and what looks like a heart rate sensor with charging pins beneath it underneath the dial.

The OnePlus Watch has been in the talks and the works for quite a long time now, dating back to 2016 when then-CEO and founder Carl Pei tweeted about a smartwatch from the company that was being developed at the time. It eventually didn't pan out, but the official OnePlus account on Twitter referred to that old tweet back in October 2020 when it tweeted about "more things" coming to the OnePlus ecosystem, and saying it was "only a matter of time".

OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Edition
Images of the straps of a Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the OnePlus Watch surfaced on Weibo in November 2020

The IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) of Singapore certified a wearable from the OnePlus with the model name OnePlus W301GB back in August 2020, and after reports of the postponement of an October announcement last year due to "complications with the production or software development", images of the straps of a Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the OnePlus Watch surfaced on Weibo in November 2020, followed by the confirmation of an early 2021 release of the Watch by current CEO Pete Lau back in December 2020.

Considering that the smartwatch's launch had been earlier delayed due in part to software-related complications, it's still not clear if the OnePlus Watch would run on the popular WearOS operating system for smart watches. The best guess for when the OnePlus Watch would be launched is sometime in March, since the upcoming OnePlus 9 smartphone series is also expected to be unveiled in that time period.

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