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Three New Xiaomi Tablets Teased, Might Be Announced at April 23 Event

The unusual tablet producing company, Xiaomi is set to release three incredible tablets this year since August 2018, when they produced Mi Pad 4 range tablet. These new series are tagged K81, K81A, and K82, model numbers with respective code-names Enuma, Elish, and Nabu, and it was made public that they would be in the global market soon.

Xiaomi is globally renowned for producing quality mobile phones, but they have very few tablets to their name. 

We received teasers from Digital Chat Station, and although all the specifications have not been confirmed, we are certain about the main features. 

Xiaomi has raised their customers' expectations on this progress as there are rumors that these tablets would have quad rear camera setups. Quad rear Cameras with various features of capturing moments ranging from the main view to ultra-wide snap, macro photographs, and depth shots sensor.

The tablets are speculated to have an 11-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600px (16:10). Enuma, Elish, and Nabu are expected to have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz with a 240Hz touch sampling rate, wireless charging, quad speakers, and NFC. The high refresh rate feature is quite rare on tablets and can only be found on some tablets, such as the iPad Pros and Galaxy Tab S slates

The K81 and K81A would be supported by the latest Snapdragon 870 chipset, giving them a top-notch performance. In contrast, the K82 model tablet will work on the slightly less powerful Snapdragon 860 chipset as an upgrade to the last series of tablets — the MI Pad series. The K82 will have a 12MP back camera, while the K81 and K81A’s will have 48MP and 12MP cameras, respectively. 

We are not clear about the release dates of these new devices, but Xiaomi is set to hold their Mi 11x launch in India. The event is announced to hold on April 23, and we might see more about the new tablet series.


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