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Technical Review of the eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone

Speakerphone Pros Speakerphone Cons
Crisp and clear soundProtective case not provided
Three microphones provide 360-degree coverage 
An effective noise reduction system 
Six-hour battery life 
Quickly connects via Bluetooth 
Dongle provided for use with non-Bluetooth devices 
eMeet Luna, Bluetooth Speakerphone,Conference Speaker
Walter Shillington, an external speaker can be connected to the Luna

eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone Unboxing & Review

Proper Usage of a Speakerphone

In the business world, a properly run meeting is considered an invaluable tool.  Meetings are used to deliver monthly sales updates, educate the workforce, and provide an inclusive environment for brainstorming.  Departmental meetings assure everyone is kept up to date and working as a team.

A Speakerphone ensures the point of view of everyone involved—even those that cannot be physically present at a meeting—may be heard.  These devices can generally be linked, via Bluetooth, to a phone or a device running a software calling program such as Zoom.

eMeet Luna  Bluetooth Speakerphone
Walter Shillington, the speakerphone being used with a General Dynamic's Go Book laptop to participate in a Zoom meeting

In the following review, I examined the strengths and weaknesses of the eMeet Luna Speakerphone.


Weight294 grams (10.4 ounces)
Dimensions120 x 39 millimeters (4.7 x 1.5 inches)
ConnectionBluetooth, USB, AUX, Dongle
Microphone3 AI Mic Array (360-degree coverage)
Speaker3W at 1/89dB
Noise SuppressionYes
Echo CancellationYes
Full DuplexYes
Daisy ChainYes
CompatibilityWindows 7/8/10 and macOS
AccessoriesUSB cable, Aux cable, Dongle, User Manual
eMeet Luna Speakerphone
eMeet Luna Updated AI Noise Reduction Algorithm Featured

The Manufacturer:

Shenzhen eMeet Technology is a start-up company that develops innovative products based on intelligent voice, intelligent image, and natural language processing.


Within seconds of pushing the power button and selecting pair new device on my smartphone, the eMeet device was found and connected.

I then turned off the speakerphone and inserted its dongle into a USB port of my desktop computer.  There was a minor hiccup when I powered up the new device.  Even though my smartphone was 25 feet away and separated by two walls, the speakerphone immediately paired with it.  I selected forget connection on the phone and tried again.  This time the device paired with the desktop.

USB Conference Speaker
eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone

Speaker Quality:

I am located approximately 1,500 miles away from my corporate headquarters in Beachville, Ontario.  However, these days, distance is no longer an acceptable excuse for missing the dreaded weekly departmental briefing.  I attend it via the software program, Zoom.

Since my laptop is equipped with a tiny and very shrill speaker, I usually pull on my iTeknic wireless headphones before grabbing a cup of fresh coffee and joining the conference.  These meetings tend to go on forever and, eventually, even the best headphones become uncomfortable.

I contacted my sister, and, via the Zoom application, we ran the eMeet Luna through a series of tests.  If the new speakerphone met my expectations, I planned to use it during the next departmental meeting.

While sitting at my desk with the volume set to three, my sister’s voice came through crisp and clear. I adjusted the volume to five (maximum), stood up, and moved to just outside the door.  At a distance of eight feet with both the air conditioner and air purifier running, her voice remained strong and clear.

Microphone Quality:

The eMeet Luna is equipped with three microphones to ensure 360-degree coverage.  My sister noted that my voice was clear and easy to understand when I spoke from a seated position near the speakerphone.  As I rose and moved toward the door, voice quality remained strong, but volume slowly decreased.  Beyond the six feet point, I was required to speak louder than normal.

eMeet USB Speakerphone
eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone

Noise suppression:

Most background noises are low in frequency, and, because the Luna’s speaker is intended for the normal vocal range, this interference is not particularly noticeable.

My sister didn’t detect these background noises until I moved the speakerphone right alongside my keyboard and began to type.  Once the noise suppression system was activated, the sound of my typing faded entirely away.

I then held the device in front of my air conditioner.  In the noise reduction mode, all she could hear were the clicks as I turned the air conditioner on and off.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone
eMeet Luna Conference Speaker

Noteworthy Features:

· Two Luna Bluetooth speakerphones can be joined using a special daisy-chain cable.  With two speakerphones connected in this manner, up to twelve people, seated around a table, can participate in a call.

· This device is compatible with commonly used calling software such as Zoom, Skype for Business, and WebEx.

· A USB dongle, which can be safely stored beneath the speakerphone, allows the Luna to be paired with computers not equipped with Bluetooth.

· The Luna Speakerphone functions for up to six hours once fully charged.  It required 2.5 hours to recharge this device using the included USB cable.

eMeet cascading cable
daisy chain Luna USB speakerphone with another Luna speakerphone to expand the effective meeting space
eMeet Luna AUX Cable
eMeet Luna AUX Cable

Final Assessment:

This speakerphone is a reasonably priced product that is easy to set up and use.  Sound quality is excellent, microphone quality is good, and the Luna has the flexibility to be utilized with a variety of different devices.   The eMeet Luna Speakerphone is highly recommended.

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