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Sony's PlayStation 5 Update with USB External Storage & Cross-Gen Share Play Arrives

Sony is set to roll out a software upgrade that allows users to store data on external storage devices connected with USB, for its flagship PlayStation 5 gaming console. PlayStation 4 users can now benefit from the new update, which allows their friends with Playstation 5 to invite them to play through the cloud, either as a single-player or multiplayer.

Playstation 4 users have been able to connect the console to external storage devices through a USB cable. They have even been able to go more than mere storage but play the games directly from an external USB-connected storage device. It is newly introduced to the PlayStation 5. It even comes with a significant limitation, as users can download and save games to an external USB-connected storage device without direct gameplay. This new feature comes quite handy as users can now better manage storage space and backup data.

Sony PlayStation 5 USB External Storage

Two exciting features are for subscribers, while the last one is free. However, it is impossible to enjoy it without the previous two. With the third and free upgrade, users can now select from their friend's joinable game sessions even from Playstation 4.

Sony PlayStation 5 Screen Sharing

To make the co-op gameplay smooth, Sony also added features such as easy chat between players, adjust other players' volume, pre-download updates for games for faster gameplay, and the ability to limit automatic trophy media to only high-value trophies such as gold and platinum, and a new player Trophy Stats screen.

Sony PlayStation 5 Mobile App Updates

These upgrades will not be limited to the Play Station console. Sony has announced that they will release new updates for their mobile application on Android and iOS. The new application will allow users to interact with Playstation 5 players by joining games through invites, managing their Playstation 5 account, sort/filter products, and compare trophies with friends. We expect to see these new mobile features in the coming weeks. 

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