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A Detailed Peek at the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 Smartphone Set to Launch on April 23

There are rumors about the beloved 2019 Galaxy A80 finally getting a new upgrade. The new device would be named Galaxy A82. Although it is called a sequel to the A80 series, it is more of a sibling to the Galaxy A Quantum. The major upgrades are in the form of the cameras, power chipset, battery, and refresh rate. 

There's some confusion about the name of the device though as it is reported to have two names — a South Korean and a global name. The new device would be called Samsung Galaxy Quantum2 in South Korea, where it will be seen more as a version of the Galaxy A Quantum than a sequel to the Galaxy A80. Also, it will be available only for users of the SKT network carrier. For the global users, this device might be called Samsung Galaxy A82, however, these speculations are yet to be confirmed.

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What is confirmed is that the phone will have a 25W fast charging for the 4,500 mAh battery, although it is pretty disappointing that it will be packaged and shipped with only a 15W charger. The package will be made stylish with a transparent case and headphones, which would have been more appreciated if not because the package would include a free pair of Mystic Bronze for pre-orders. 

The display is Super AMOLED, with a 120Hz high refresh rate which is becoming increasingly popular in high-end devices. It is also confirmed that the mobile phone will be water-resistant with an IP67. A surprising feature is the presence of MST, which Samsung has stopped introducing to their mobile phones. 

The Chipset of the Galaxy A82 (Samsung Galaxy Quantum) has not been confirmed. There are speculations about whether it would be powered by a Snapdragon 860 or the identical Snapdragon 855+ chipset. These chipsets can be used as either 4G or 5G. Even though there is no information on whether the device would support 4G or 5G, it will undoubtedly be a 5G device like the original Quantum.

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The device will have 128 GB internal storage with support for microSD card expansion and 6 GB RAM. 

A significant caveat is that the device will not feature the usual Samsung flip-up front camera. Instead, it will come with a stylish 6.7'' punch hole camera. In contrast, the back camera will have an OIS MP main module (based on an IMX686 sensor). There are still no clues about the two other camera modules. 

All doubts and questions will be resolved when Samsung's and SKT's Galaxy Quantum2 launch on April 23. Currently, there is no launch announcement as regards the Galaxy A82. 

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