OnePlus Watch First Image Leak


The OnePlus Watch Has Been Revealed Ahead of Launch

The OnePlus Watch which was scheduled to be launched on Tuesday - the 23rd of March, has suffered an appearance leak which has revealed major details about the smartwatch’s outlook and features. The smartwatch which would be the first-ever to be produced and sold by OnePlus was destined to launch alongside the OnePlus 9 smartphone series (OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R, and OnePlus 9 Pro) in the company’s upcoming event, an event that seems somewhat irrelevant at this point, seeing as features of their new arrivals have made it to the public. 

From the leaks we have seen, the smartwatch would possess watch straps that are akin to that of regular wristwatches, unlike the proprietary bands that other companies choose to use. 

OnePlus Watch Patent Sketches Reveal Different Strap Variants

This leak was made in form of an image tweet made by UnboxTherapy and it gave us a first-time feel of the smartwatch’s proposed OS hinting that it would not be utilizing the customary Google Wear OS, instead, it would be using a proprietary RTOS-style operating system which the producers have said will enable swift pairing of the smartwatch with other OnePlus devices including TVs.  

The tweet by UnboxTherapy was surprisingly retweeted by OnePlus’ official Twitter page which would mean the specs highlighted from the leaks are almost 100% genuine. 

The bezels appear to have two buttons (whose functions we are not yet certain of) just by the side while the bands would be an easily replaceable 20mm or 22mm rubber band. On the surface of the bezel, we can spot what looks like a stand-by digital clock display (on what looks like an OLED surface screen, of which we are not yet entirely certain). 

Further revelations have also come out to say that the smartwatch will feature the IP68 water and dust resistance technology and also a variant of OnePlus’ Warp Charge system, a system that guarantees a week-long battery life after being charged for only 20 minutes. We are also expecting this gadget to hit us with 4GB of storage space. 

The OnePlus smartwatch will also have the ability to monitor its users’ sleep, stress, heart rate, and blood circulation.  After these, there are just regular features that can be expected of any smartwatch such as the ability to see notifications, detect workouts and see incoming calls on your smartwatch.  

The company has however stated that the OnePlus Watch will be as affordable as it can be as it is expected to cost around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 upon its launch in India in a few days.

We are now left anticipating the event on the 23rd as we hope (or not💀) there are no further major leaks. 


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