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Microsoft Wireless Headset For Xbox Series X and S Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled a new pair of headphones for its latest Xbox consoles, the Series X and the Series S. In a news release, the Editor-in-Chief of Xbox Wire (the official blog for Xbox news), Will Tuttle, announced the release of the new Xbox Wireless Headset. He described the device as delivering “best-in-class audio and chat performance, outstanding design and comfort, and unique experiences that are tailored for each gamer”.

The new Xbox Wireless Headset comes in a lightweight design and weighs only 312 grams. The headset contains smart features like voice isolation tuning that helps it to separate the voice of the user from all other background noises, thereby ensuring crisp delivery of sound from the mouth of the speaker to the ears of the listener. This feature also has an auto-mute sub-feature that automatically turns off the microphone when the wearer isn’t speaking. You can also rotate either earcup to adjust the volume of the in-game audio and the team chat audio separately.

The supported audio standards are Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X, which are all high-quality spatial audios. The headset can also connect directly to your PC, but this may require Bluetooth 4.2 and above to work. On a full charge, the Xbox Wireless Headset’s battery can deliver up to 15 hours of use and a 30-minute charge from when the battery is low can deliver up to 4 hours of juice. Taking the battery from 0% to 100% requires about three hours of charging.

Xbox Wireless Headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset can also connect to multiple devices at the same time. This means, for example, that you can connect it to your smartphone and your Xbox One at the same time, and use the headset to make a phonecall while simultaneously using it in-game.

The Xbox Wireless Headset will hit the stores and shelves from March 16, 2021. For now, it is available on pre-order at USD$100 for users in the United States of America. For users in Canada, the price tag is CAD$130, and in Australia, it's AUD$150. Customers in parts of Europe can get their hands on a pair of these headphones for €100, and those in the United Kingdom can get a unit at a £95 price tag.

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