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Microsoft Surface Duo Gets Price Slash Ahead of Canada and Europe Release

Within a month of its release last September, the Microsoft Surface Duo got a price slash that took its market value down by at least $200. Once again, Microsoft goes the benevolent way, slashing the price of the Surface Duo down, now placing the double-screen Android smartphone at a market rate of $1000 in the United States of America for the 128GB option, down from $1400. The announcement for the U.S. price slash came ahead of the official launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo in Canada and markets across Europe.

Since there is no microSD card slot in the Surface Duo, any users who need more storage on their device will have to opt for buying more storage on their Surface Duo. Microsoft is offering double storage space for an extra $100 for customers who are willing to shell out the extra cash for more storage space. This means that the current price of $1000 for the 128GB model puts the price of the 256GB model at $1100.

Microsoft Surface Duo Storage Options and Prices

For customers who really want to own one of the Surface Duo smartphones but can’t afford all of the cash upfront, Microsoft is offering some really convenient payment plans. These payment plans involve paying only a fraction of the total cost for the device as a down payment, and then spreading the rest of the payment in bits over a period of 30 months.

For the 128GB model, customers only have to pay $33.33 dollars every month over a 30-month repayment period. To get the 256GB model, you will have to shell out a little more than the $33.33 monthly payment that those who opt for the 128GB model pay. The 258GB model comes at a cost of $36.66 a month, also to be paid over a 30-month period.

The Microsoft Surface Duo folding phone is expected to retail at launch for £1,350 in the United Kingdom (available on the Microsoft Store and Currys PC World). In Germany, it is expected to be priced at around €1,550. So for users in Canada and Europe who have been waiting patiently for the Surface Duo to be released in their regions, the wait will be over soon.

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