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Get the JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless Bluetooth On-ear Headphones for $19.95 & Save 60% off the $49.95 List Price

If you are tired of your earphones falling out or you need a headphone that not only brings the music to you but makes you feel like the music is inside you, then you might want to consider switching to the JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless Bluetooth On-ear Headphones. With a simple, easy to use design, the headphone lets you stream powerful sound with no strings attached for up to 16 hours of pure pleasure. 

It is equipped with 32mm JBL drivers and JBL Pure Bass sound that provides easy access to great sound every time. You can buy it now for $19.95 and save 60% off the list price of $49.95.

JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless Bluetooth On-ear Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

The JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones come with an inbuilt microphone and volume controls for easy access to calls, music playback control, song selection, sound tuning adjustment as well as call receiving when connected via Wireless Bluetooth technology. 

Multi-point connection

It is equipped with Multi-point support so you can connect two devices at the same time, for easy switching between songs and calls. And if a call comes in while you are watching a video on another device, the JBL TUNE500BT seamlessly switches over so that you can stay connected.


JBL Pure Bass Sound

It features 32mm JBL drivers with JBL Pure Bass technology that provides easy access to great sound every time you listen to music or take calls using the Wireless Bluetooth function of the headphone.

Google Assistant & Siri

The Wireless On-Ear Headphone comes with Google Assistant and Siri support. It comes with a built-in microphone so you can access your favorite AI assistant by simply pushing the dedicated button to seamlessly connect, receive calls as well as ask questions such as weather updates or play music using voice commands.

Lightweight, comfortable and foldable design

JBL TUNE 500BT On-ear Headphones

The headphone is made of lightweight materials that make them comfortable to wear while you're out and about. It also features an adjustable headband style design with soft ear cushions for extended comfort when wearing the headphone for long listening sessions. It is foldable, so you can easily store it in your bag when not in use.

Long Battery Life

The JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphone delivers up to 16 hours of playback time from one full charge. According to the company, it charges from 0–100% in 2 hours, and a 5 minutes charge can provide up to 1 hour of playback time. 

The JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphone is currently available in Black, Blue, Pink and White, colors at $19.95 for a limited time only. Buy it now and save 60% off its list price of $49.95 on eBay today!

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