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Always-on Mode Rumoured To Come To iPhone 13

Apple will be releasing a new iPhone this year as is the company’s yearly tradition. We are still about seven or eight months away from the release of the new iPhone, but already, the rumors and speculations have started pouring in. However, not all rumors are created equal and while some appear to have some element of truth in them, others are far too incredulous to even believe. The latest set of leaked news about Apple’s upcoming installment of the iPhone, the iPhone 13, is that it will come with an Always-On display. 

According to the reports, the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 13’s display will be powered by Samsung’s 120Hz LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) displays.

This means that Apple users will now be able to keep their iPhone’s screens “always on” even when their device is docked. When in this state, the iPhone’s screen will show only the time and the battery percentage of your device, as opposed to the screen being off like we have in older versions of the iPhone. This feature saves battery but shutting off other activities in the phone until you pick it up again.

This is a feature that has already been implemented on Apple products in the past so there is a major likelihood that there are truths to the rumors. The Apple Watch 5 and the Apple Watch 6 come with an Always-on display by default. This keeps the time on the devices always visible along with the most recently used app. However, this feature can be toggled on or off on both devices so we expect pretty much the same thing from the AOD that is expected to feature on the iPhone 13.

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The news that has been circulating also includes information about a new and interesting way that Apple intends to implement notifications while ruining the AOD on the iPhone 13. This is said to be done by lighting up a small portion of the screen, big enough to display the received notification clearly for the user to see.

The new iPhone 13 is also expected to have an improved MagSafe magnet array that is designed to be stronger and make the accidental unclipping of compatible accessories almost impossible.

In terms of upgrades to the camera, the information that we currently have is that Apple is looking to incorporate an automatic Astro-photography mode. This feature automatically switches on in your iPhone whenever the moon, stars, or other space objects are detected in your iPhone’s viewfinder.

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