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Huawei Smartphone with 66W Fast Charging - Rumored To Be The Huawei P50 - Receives 3C Certification

There have been lots of speculations regarding Huawei's upcoming flagship smartphone, with the latest being the certification of a new smartphone with the model number JAD-AL50 on the China Compulsory Certificate (3C) which is believed to be the Huawei P50.

The Huawei P50 series that's expected to launch on the 29th of July will likely include a base version (P50), a pro version (P50 Pro), and a high-end pro+ version (P50 Pro+). All smartphones in the P50 series are expected to be LTE only as Huawei is still only allowed to use 4G processors from Qualcomm for the time being.

The listing revealed that the JAD-Al50 will pack an HW-100600C00 and HW-110600C02 charger that will support 66W fast charging and will also be compatible with devices that offer 40W and 10W fast charging. The device was also revealed to come with Huawei's new HarmonyOS.

Though Weibo Tipster DigitalChatStation suggests that though the spotted smartphone could likely be the Huawei P50, there's no denying the possibility that it could also be the Nova 9 smartphone Huawei is also expected to debut in July.

Taking the specifications listed with the JAD-AL50 smartphone, it is more likely to be the P50 as the 66W fast charging support might be on the high side for the Nova 9.

There's no official confirmation yet from Huawei, but we expect things to be cleared up as the launch date draws nearer.

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