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Huawei Is Looking To Enter The Game Console Industry; But First, A Gaming Laptop

Huawei might be getting into the game console manufacturing business, according to rumors. The Chinese company may be looking to rival Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox in the coming months. But before the possible release of its console into the market, Huawei is working on making its way into the gaming industry with a gaming laptop of its own.

This is not Huawei’s first attempt at breaking into the gaming universe. The company had initially attempted a move into creating gaming rigs last year under the Honor brand name. Unfortunately for Huawei, the move fell through when the geopolitical circumstances at the time forced the company to sell Honor off. The gaming machine that Huawei was supposed to release at the time was the Honor Hunter V700.

Honor Hunter V700 Gaming Laptop Specs

This is not Huawei’s first attempt at making its own game console. Back in 2014, the company made its maiden attempt at a game console with the Tron console, which was an Android 4.2 Jellybean-based Tegra 4 powered console. That shot at entering the game console market was not a very successful one and Huawei will be hoping that they get it right the second time around.

Huawei, alongside other Chinese manufacturers, partnered with AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) a few years ago to produce Zen-based CPUs. These were a similar APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) to what can be found in the PlayStation and in the Xbox, making it a possibility that the new Huawei consoles will run on a similar chip as the game console giants do. However, Huawei may choose to go a different route and produce a console (purportedly called the MateStation) run by its own silicon designs.

We may speculate about what chips and hardware these Huawei gaming rigs will be powered by, but another important question is about software. What software will they run on? Will Huawei choose to go on a similar path as they did with the Tron console, or will they learn from their mistakes? 

Whatever path the Chinese tech giants choose to go, there is no doubt that gamers around the globe are about to be introduced to a new type of gaming from Huawei in the coming months. We look forward to knowing more about what Huawei has in store for its users this year.

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