Nokia Lite Earbuds Render


HMD Global Set To Release Nokia Lite Earbuds Mid-April

The technology resource company, HMD Global has announced the incoming release of their in-house product — Nokia Lite Earbuds, model BH205. The Earbud is a suitable earphone device for smartphones and works like the typical listening pods which allow Bluetooth connectivity for ease of usage with other smart devices.

Nokia Lite Earbuds Design

The Nokia Lite Earbuds allows the usage of just one of the pair in case of low audio requirements, this feature allows users to save charge on the other. It has a wide range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz for its frequency responses and can transmit signals over a distance of 10 meters.

This BH205 device comes with a pocket-sized case for its housing and protection when not in use. The case has an extra five times charging ability for the earbuds, this means that a fully charged case will fully recharge flat Earbuds batteries up to five times. 

Users can enjoy up to 30 hours of full charging from the case with an extra 6 hours direct Earbuds battery charge. This gives a total of 36 hours active usage. 

As expected, the in-built batteries are way weaker (having just 40mAh) compared to the case backup batteries (400mAh). The case batteries can be recharged through a TYPE-C USB port which is attached to the casing. 

Nokia Lite Earbuds Ease of Use and Accessibility Features such as:

  • Music control abilities – allowing users to change and regulate the music plays from connected devices. 
  • Voice assistance – this feature notifies the current stage of usage of the device. 
Nokia Lite Earbuds Samples

It comes in two notable colors: Polar Sea and Charcoal Black. The current market price is approximately 39 Euros/$46/Rs. 3,465. For the awaited international market availability date, it is planned for sometime around mid-April.


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