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eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review: The Sweet Spot between Affordability and Functionality.

The creators of the eMeet Luna were not simply looking to impress customers with clever alliteration when they labeled this device as promising “crystal-clear clarity”. These words are imprinted in legible letters on its box and a few hours with the eMeet Luna convinced me that it was indeed a good device with good audio and a decent microphone.

In reviewing the eMeet Luna, I was as detailed as possible (perhaps a little too detailed). From the packaging to the copywriting, and even right down the most seemingly irrelevant functionality, I left no stone unturned in delivering a thorough review of this device.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Design

Here is what I found...

In The Box

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Packaging

The packaging of the eMeet Luna might be correlated at first with its budget status, but really, this is how eMeet packages all of its devices, from the $39.99 eMeet Nova webcam to the ~$200 eMeet M2 (which I've been using for quite a while, and will write a review of soon).

Upon opening the package, you're greeted by a flap with which eMeet thanks you for choosing them, and all of the package contents lie neatly arranged under this flap. I’m a sucker for fine prints and good manners so I found the presentation of the welcome text really alluring.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Package
"Thank you for choosing EMEET"...

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stare at the text’s font forever and I had to inevitably lift the flap to behold the treasure that lay beneath.

The packaged content beneath the flap include:

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Package Contents
  • A user manual.
  • A warranty card (1 year + 1-year extension when you register your order number on the eMeet official website).
  • A safety guide.
  • A Bluetooth USB Dongle Quick Start Guide.
  • The eMeet Luna Speakerphone itself.
  • The eMeet Audio Adapter A200 (USB Dongle).
  • A USB-A to USB-C cable (3.3ft).
  • A 3.5mm-3.5mm audio jack cable (2.7ft).

eMeet Luna Review - Design & Build

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Size and Dimensions
  • Dimensions: 120 * 120 * 36.5 mm.
  • Weight: 290g.
  • Ports:
    • USB-C.
    • AUX OUT / LINK (3.5mm).
    • AUX IN (3.5mm).
    • Kensington Lock.
  • Controls:
    • Power On/Off | Battery Level Check.
    • Volume Control.
    • Mic Mute/Unmute.
    • Bluetooth Control.
    • Call Answer/Hang Up.
    • VoiceIA Noise Reduction toggle.

The eMeet Luna has a business-like design that immediately denotes it as a device meant for stationery use most of the time. The pattern of the mic holes on top of the device, with the LED indicator lights nested towards the top center, and the control buttons arranged in a slight downward arch below the microphone, all contribute to this business-like look of the speakerphone. Unlike the eMeet OfficeCore M0, I won't be taking periodic side glances at this device in admiration.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Control Buttons

There are three rubberized bumps beneath the device for stabilizing it on surfaces, and each bump is accompanied by a tiny hole that serves as an air vent for the speakerphone's cooling. This heat management system is very small compared to the OfficeCore M0's encompassing vents; this might be due to the fact that the Luna (120 * 120 mm) is a bit wider than the M0 (80 * 80), but the difference is not that much, so it's interesting that eMeet was able to pull off a relatively equivalent cooling system with fewer openings on the Luna. I say equivalent because I've not noticed my unit of the eMeet Luna get hot since I've been using it, but that might also be because it's always on a surface on my desk when in use, and not in my hands where I can feel the temperature.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Base Design

The base also has a slot in which you can store the USB audio adapter dongle included in the package. I think this slot is a very thoughtful (pun unintended 💀) design feature that contributes to the portability of the device; you could get away with carrying only the device around most of the time, since you can simply store the dongle in this slot. Bluetooth is pretty much formless, and you'd need the USB cable only when you have to charge the device.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Base with eMeet Audio Adapter A200 USB Dongle
with the eMeet Audio Adapter A200 USB Dongle...

There are four ports on the rear of the Luna speakerphone; a USB-C port that works for charging and connecting the speakerphone functionality to a computer with a USB port, a 3.5mm port that doubles as an AUX-OUT (audio output) port, and a LINK port for the Daisy Chain functionality (more on this further below), another 3.5mm AUX-IN port for audio input, and a Kensington lock port for securing the device.

The eMeet Luna is not a lightweight device at 290g, but it's not very heavy either and wouldn't pose too much of a mass (okay, pun intended this time 💀) problem in your backpack or equivalent. The device's design is well-suited to its purpose, and thanks to the quality of material used to build this, I'd have no worries about its long-term durability.

Connectivity | Daisy Chain

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Connectivity and Ports
  • Connectivity Options:
    • Bluetooth 4.2.
    • eMeet Audio Adapter A200 USB Dongle.
    • USB-C to USB-A.
    • AUX-IN.
    • AUX-OUT.
    • LINK for Daisy Chain.

The number of connectivity options available on this device is on par with many high-end speakerphones currently in the market. This is very impressive since the eMeet Luna costs much less than half of what those flagship speakerphones cost.

Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to stay connected to your source device at a distance of up to 10m, but you're still limited to connecting to a single device at once, as opposed to Bluetooth 5.0 which allows simultaneous connections. The USB Dongle helps out if Bluetooth connection is becoming a hassle (especially on older computers and Bluetooth adapters), and helps you keep free of wires even if you need to connect to a computer system without Bluetooth.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - USB Dongle
The eMeet Audio Adapter A200 affords stable wireless connectivity...

The USB-C cable included in the box can be used to charge the device and at the same time, use it as a speakerphone. This is useful for situations when the battery is low and you still need to hold a meeting.

The speakerphone can be connected via the 3.5mm AUX-IN port to your smartphone - it still has the audio jack, heh - or any device that has an audio jack and can receive and output audio, really. I initially thought that this AUX-IN port was useful only for audio input for the Luna's speakers, but it turns out that it can be used as a primary means of connection for the speakerphone and a source device, the same way you would use any of the connectivity options mentioned above. Now, that's really impressive.

The aforementioned are the primary connectivity options for the eMeet Luna. The AUX-OUT port can be used to connect the device to an external speaker, but only for audio output. While testing this functionality, I noticed that there was a slight (about 500ms) delay in sync between the audio coming from the eMeet Luna's speaker and the external speaker, thereby producing a slight echo effect.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - eMeet Audio Adapter A200
The eMeet Audio Adapter A200 affords stable wireless connectivity...

Another interesting thing I noticed while testing the connectivity options, is that you can have the Luna connected to different devices via the four different connectivity options at the same time, and play audio via the Luna's speaker from each connected device simultaneously. You can also record audio simultaneously on each of the connected devices via the eMeet Luna's microphone. This is a very interesting and impressive feature, as it means that you do not have to buy different speakerphone units to use with different source devices, if simultaneous audio output and input fits into your use cases.

The AUX-OUT port doubles as a LINK port for the Daisy Chain functionality on the eMeet Luna, which allows you to connect two units of the eMeet Luna speakerphone and enjoy extended functionalities. I have only one unit of the Luna here so I can't comment on this functionality, but from numerous online reviews, it works well as do other eMeet products. If you're purchasing a second unit of the Luna for this functionality, remember to grab a Daisy Chain cable alongside it, or just buy the eMeet Luna Speakerphone + Daisy Chain Cable bundle outrightly.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Speaker Quality

  • Rated Output Power: 3W

Not bad... not bad at all. It gets the job done. In an average-sized room (about 132 square feet), the eMeet Luna’s sound can be heard clearly from every corner of the room when the volume is set to its maximum. I’m quite sure that the sound will be pretty much as audible in a larger-sized room.

Besides the loudness, this speakerphone also packs some decent clarity in its sound. Sounds are crisp, vocals are clear, and when I tested it on a call with a friend, I could easily make out slight variations in their pitch as the conversation wore on. The speakers are that neat.

Microphone Quality

eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Microphone Mesh
  • The Noise Cancellation tech on the eMeet Luna is neat and does its job well.
  • Sometimes the mic fluctuates, but that doesn’t happen too frequently.

In comparison to its speakers, the eMeet Luna’s microphone kind of pales. It didn’t pick up my voice when I tried to test the microphone’s range from a distance. Or maybe I just didn’t speak loudly enough, or stood too far from the device. Either way, I felt it could still have done a little better. To be fair to the eMeet Luna though, I may have stood a little too far away from the device than a regular user would when putting it to everyday use.

Nonetheless, for some reason, the microphone seems to lose signal sometimes. I haven’t been able to figure out yet if this is a problem with just my unit or if there are more units of the eMeet Luna out there with similar defects. Whichever it is, these fluctuations don’t occur nearly enough for them to be a real problem so you probably don’t have too much to worry about. 


  • 2600mAh battery
  • Charges to maximum capacity in about 3 hrs 30 mins
  • Lasts for 24 to 48 hours on a full charge

A 2,600 mAh battery is a pretty substantial package to put in a speakerphone of this size. It should come as no surprise, then, that the eMeet takes nearly four hours to reach full power when charged from a drained state. But a 4-hour wait for a full charge is a small price to pay for the extended hours of use that you can get out of the eMeet Luna.

A full eMeet Luna battery can keep you going for more than a day, stretching up to nearly two days of uninterrupted use. This means that you can take your device out of the house for extended periods of time, even conveniently forget to take your charger along with you, and still be able to depend on your eMeet Luna to carry you through your calls and meetings for the day. 

Knocks & Praises

  • The control buttons on the eMeet Luna give adequate tactile feedback and are well-arranged for ease of use. However, I have a grouse with the size of the microphone’s mute/unmute button, in relation to the other buttons. While it's slightly bigger than the others, the size differential should have been even more significant, since it's the button you'd likely use most often during a meeting. I've had instances where I mistakenly pressed the volume up and down buttons instead of the mic control button, because of this difficulty of differentiation.
  • The eMeet Luna’s speaker is functional enough to give you great audio clarity during calls and meetings. Expectedly, it’s not great for music as it lacks the bass required to produce rich musical sounds, but nobody buys a speakerphone to listen to music with anyway. But in terms of doing what it was designed for, it’s a splendid performer.
  • While I had a few issues with the microphone because I simply couldn’t figure out why it fluctuates sometimes, when it works (which is most of the time), it works well. I compared it with the microphone on my bluetooth earbuds and a bluetooth speaker and the eMeet Luna’s microphone performed unarguably the best. However, work still needs to be done on its stability.

eMeet Luna Review - Final Verdict

eMeet Luna Speakerphone

The eMeet Luna is a top recommendation for a speakerphone in its budget range. It is obviously well-thought-out in its design and although there are a couple of flaws that can be improved on, there is nothing unforgivable about its design. Its design aids comfort in moving it around and save for its undersized microphone mute button, I have no grudges against its overall design.

In terms of functionality, this device is just right. Its simultaneous pairing capacity that allows you to connect it to four devices at once and use both its speaker and microphone on all four devices concurrently is probably my favorite feature. It’s just so neat!

The accessories that come with this device make it an even more exciting product. The seamless connectivity of the Bluetooth dongle, for example, is almost innovative. And while you may seldom need it because most devices these days come with Bluetooth, it becomes a real asset in the few instances when you come across a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Overall, a decent battery life, quick charging times, and, Is the eMeet Luna the best speakerphone on the planet? Not exactly. But would I wholeheartedly recommend it to any person who needs a reliable speakerphone that would not burn a hole in their pockets? Absolutely!

The device retails for about $70 on Amazon.

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