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eMeet C960 Full HD Webcam Review:Pleased To eMeet You

Great price and availability.A few movement artifacts
Works with Skype, Zoom, Teams and other video conferencing software.No built-in lens cover (but the eMeet 980Pro has)
Full HD, 1080p resolution at 30 fps.Fixed focus 5cm to 5m 4 element plastic lens
Automatic Noise-Cancelling technology gives excellent sound quality.Plain no-nonsense packaging (is that a bad thing?)
eMeet C960 Full HD Webcam with Microphone

Just So You Know

You must remember a webcam cannot give you the same results your smartphone can. Most webcams have a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p) which is a good match to most business pc screens. This resolution is known as Full HD and is the equivalent of 2.1 megapixels. To put that in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a 108-megapixel camera. 

A webcam is an inexpensive tool to allow video technology to be added to business conferences so that face to face conversations can be held between individuals near and far. Naturally, once they got used to it, everyone used them to keep in touch (if they are not using a mobile phone), not just for business

Fast-forward to early 2020. Suddenly everyone wants and needs to work from home. They also want to keep in touch with their work colleagues, with their families. Zoom is the word for this, on everyone’s list and lips…

Did you try and buy some technology so that you could work at home?

Did you try and buy a webcam so you could use Zoom from your pc on your dining table?

If you could find one at the time, could you afford it?

Could your IT department afford it, come to that?

For now, at least, that is over…

Affordable webcams with a decent specification can now be had without too much difficulty.

eMeet C960 Full HD Webcam with Microphone

The eMeet C960 webcam is one of these.This one came from Amazon. It was listed for sale at $49.99, but there was a 10% ‘clip coupon’ which dropped it to $44.99 at the checkout, perhaps I was just lucky.

What Features Does It have?

Some thought has gone into this device, a few clever touches to make life easier:

Twin microphones with noise cancelling technology.

Webcam 1080p

A tripod bush to allow the camera to be mounted on a tripod (not included)

best webcam 2020

Rubber-coated fold that adjusts to grip the top of your monitor

best budget webcam 2020

Velcro cable strap for easy stowing

Velcro cable strap for easy stowing

The camera’s performance is not that bad either. To illustrate this, I used the Windows 10 built-in Camera App to take a few still images. The first is of my computer screen from close-up and cropped

best webcam for video conferencing 2020

As you can see, the shot is crisp and clear. The following are uncropped pictures of the cat on the sofa. Cats do not keep still, but the results are still appealing

I compared the eMeet C960 webcam against a couple alternatives. The built-in camera on a Lenovo laptop and a Logitech 2.0mp (1600x1200) webcam we bought a while ago. Both worked well enough for the intended purpose, but they are dull, with a yellow colour cast and the images are softer. As you can see above the images are quite sharp and clear, admittedly in a well-lit area. There is more to that than meets eye though. I did not use additional lighting to get the cat pictures, just plugged the eMeet C960 into my laptop that was on a stool and pointed it at the sofa.

That is the difference really. Brighter, crisper shots from a modern up-to-date sensor. That modern sensor allows successful image capture in low-light conditions so, if you have sufficient light falling on your face, you can conduct your Zoom meeting in places where other cameras cannot. There is a little smearing in movements during video calls, but no more than might be expected at this level.

Who? eMeet, I haven’t heard of eMeet…

eMeet is a company that specialise in creating intelligent conferencing products. I have one of their Bluetooth speakers that has 3 microphones on board to ensure clear, audible speech. The eMeet C960 is the entry-level option in their webcam range and yet the results speak for themselves.

eMeet  Full HD Webcam

As I said at the top of the review, the eMeet C960 Full HD webcam comes in plain, no-nonsense packaging that has an image of the camera on the lid and a list of 4 of the main features on the back. This really is no bad thing. A webcam is no glamorous exciting technology piece that relies in part on how it looks. Quite the contrary, it is how it treats what it is ‘looking at’ that matters. Thankfully the eMeet C960 does the job. So, no nonsense here.

Shall I Buy it?

Is the eMeet C960 Full HD webcam worth your money? I would say so. There are better webcams out there, but not for the price. This one is easy to use, robust and straightforward. Webcams need to ‘just work’ and the eMeet C960 ‘just does’.

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