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eMeet Announces New eMeet M2 Max Speakerphone for the Ultimate Conference Call Experience

If you're a regular user of gadgets tailored to business calls and meetings, like speakerphones and webcams, you've probably come across the eMeet brand already. The company has a solid lineup of smart, AI-assisted speakerphones and HD webcams in the different price brackets, and is starting off its 2021 with a new addition to the top-end of its speakerphone lineup. Meet the eMeet M2 Max.

As the name suggests, the eMeet M2 Max is a higher version of the OfficeCore M2 speakerphone from the same company, and the number of upgrades from the M2 - which has already previously been considered one of the best speakerphones in the market - included in the M2 Max are very impressive. If the specs and features that eMeet says are present on the OfficeCore M2 Max turn out to be completely valid when the device is eventually launched and live reviews (watch out for our live review of the eMeet M2 Max on this website, by the way) are out, then this new device is poised to compete favorably with similar products from other established companies, like the Jabra Speak 750 and Yamaha YVC-330.

eMeet M2 Max Specifications

eMeet M2 Max
ConnectionBT, USB, AUX, Dongle
Microphone4 Ø10 Condensers Mic Array
Noise Suppression
Echo Cancellation
Full Duplex
Daisy chain
AccessoriesUSB cable Aux cable Dongle User Manual

Better 4-Microphone Array, Louder Speaker

The eMeet M2 Max comes with a 4-microphone array like the OfficeCore M2 and many other top-of-the-line speakerphones, but the mics in the new device has been beefed up to enhance their recording capabilities and sound reproduction. I've noticed that many speakerphones struggle with accurate voice reproduction most especially when the user is speaking fast, and the M2 Max aims to fix that with its 40-ohms total microphone outpput impedance and 48KHz/16-bit sampling rate.

eMeet Technology's VoiceIA is integrated into the M2 Max as it is on other speakerphones from the company, and the 3W speaker in the M2 gets a boost to 5W for louder audio output. The combination of these improved specs for the microphone and speaker makes the M2 Max suitable for large conference calls and business meetings with up to 15 participants.

Multiple Connectivity Options, Excellent Battery Life

We're probably all familiar with the myriads of issues that could arise with tech gadgets and accessories when making a public presentation, and it's always useful to have as many options as possible so you could always switch in case of emergencies. The eMeet M2 Max can be connected to your computers, laptops and smartphones via Bluetooth, a wireless USB Dongle, direct USB-C to USB-A cable connection, and AUX IN & OUT 3.5mm cables.

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsiblity, and all of these impressive features the M2 Max sports means it'd be consuming more power than its predecessor, the eMeet M2. Hence, the 8-hour battery life from the M2 might no longer be sufficient for long meetings, which is fine since the M2 Max can last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Supports up to 20 Participants with Daisy Chain

eMeet M2 Max Speakerphone

The new eMeet M2 Max has Full Duplex technology, which allows you to extend the coverage of the speakerphone - in terms of both audio output and input - to a size of up to 20 participants on one call. That's massive, and it's definitely an improvement on the existing industry-standard eMeet M220 Cascade system.

eMeet M2 Max Price & Availability

There are other features and improvements like an upgraded eMeet Link software application and complete optimization for most conferencing platforms, and I just can't wait to get my hands on this device when it's eventually launched.

The eMeet M2 Max will be launched sometime in February 2021, and at a launch price of $329.99, you'd be hard-pressed to find other products that offer such a great price-to-feature bargain in the market.

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