AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Review

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AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor (Full HD LED) Review: One Dead Pixel, But A Bargain.

For about $100, the AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor is budget-friendly, offers decent specs with reasonable build quality, functional for everyday use. Here's a full review.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review

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eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review: The Sweet Spot between Affordability and Functionality.

The eMeet Luna is a top recommendation for a speakerphone in its budget range. I have no grudges against its overall design, in terms of functionality, this device is just right.

eMeet OfficeCore M0 Speakerphone Review

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eMeet OfficeCore M0 Speakerphone Review - Plug, Play, & Meet.

The eMeet OfficeCore M0 has an interesting spec lineup for a device below $70. Find out in this review if the speakerphone is as effective as it appears on paper.

eMeet Nova Webcam Review

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eMeet Nova 1080p Autofocus Webcam Review: Bang for your Buck!

The eMeet Nova is one of the best value for money webcams that offer 1080p Full HD video recording with Autofocus and 2 microphones.

Hohem iSteadyX Gimbal Review

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Hohem iSteadyX Review: Best Budget Smartphone Gimbal, Period!

Gimbals are supposed to make your cinematography work-life easier, and the Hohem iSteadyX does that at such an affordable price point. It has everything you'd desire in a mobile gimbal.

FIIL T1X Review

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FIIL T1X Review: Almost Perfect, But...

I'm fascinated by the budget tech gadget category, especially for audio tech like headphones and earbuds; the tech gets better every year, while the prices mostly remain the same or get even lower. Just about four years ago, wireless earbuds users were just grateful for being able to stream audio without the constraint of wires, and the sound quality was nothing to write home about. Then sound quality became better, and with it came onboard controls like volume control which were previously thought impossible with the small form factor of wireless earbuds. Fast-forward to circa 2018, waterproof and dust resistance (IPXX) ratings began to appear in true wireless earbuds, firstly available only in premium models and eventually trickling down to budget ones. Today, we have true wireless earbuds under $50 that offer good sound quality, an array of onboard controls, have IP ratings for water and dust resistance, offer 5+ hours of battery life, amongst other features that have become a standard on devices like this. The FIIL T1X is one such true wireless earbuds. The T1X is the company's entry product into the true wireless earbuds market, and it's an impressive one at that. But as an end-user, you do not care whether a gadget is its producer's first or 1000th; you just want a device that works well for what you need it for, one that gets the job done. The FIIL T1X might be that, depending on what you want out of budget earbuds, but here's an overview: they perform excellently for ...

Lepow Z1 Review



Lepow Z1 Review: Best Budget Portable Monitor

Portable monitors have been in existence for quite a while, but the industry is only just getting to a point of maturity for wide adoption, and this, in conjunction with the remote work lifestyle forced by happenings throughout the year 2020, has shot portable monitor tech into the limelight it otherwise didn't have access to. I recently got hold of the Lepow Z1, a budget portable monitor from a relatively unknown brand that manufactures accessories for smartphones and PCs. I've been using the Lepow Z1 for about a month now, and in that time, I've come to the conclusion that it's one of the best budget portable monitors available right now, at its price point. This device strips out the bells and whistles - it's not a touchscreen, and it supports only up to 60Hz refresh rate. This is most probably how they managed to keep its price as low as it currently is, but when it comes to brass tacks - the primary function a monitor, albeit a portable one, is meant to perform, this monitor delivers well enough. Find out how, in this review. Lepow Z1 Unboxing The Lepow Z1 comes in a rectangular cardboard box as is expected of devices such as this (monitors and screens), but the packaging does not feel cheap at all. The white box with only the Lepow name printed on top of it gives you the kind of vibes you get unboxing Apple products - an indication of a premium gadget underneath. Removing the top cover reveals ...

Full HD Webcam

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eMeet C960 Full HD Webcam Review:Pleased To eMeet You

ProsConsGreat price and availability.A few movement artifactsWorks with Skype, Zoom, Teams and other video conferencing software.No built-in lens cover (but the eMeet 980Pro has)Full HD, 1080p resolution at 30 fps.Fixed focus 5cm to 5m 4 element plastic lensAutomatic Noise-Cancelling technology gives excellent sound quality.Plain no-nonsense packaging (is that a bad thing?) eMeet C960 Full HD Webcam with Microphone Just So You Know You must remember a webcam cannot give you the same results your smartphone can. Most webcams have a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p) which is a good match to most business pc screens. This resolution is known as Full HD and is the equivalent of 2.1 megapixels. To put that in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a 108-megapixel camera.  A webcam is an inexpensive tool to allow video technology to be added to business conferences so that face to face conversations can be held between individuals near and far. Naturally, once they got used to it, everyone used them to keep in touch (if they are not using a mobile phone), not just for business Fast-forward to early 2020. Suddenly everyone wants and needs to work from home. They also want to keep in touch with their work colleagues, with their families. Zoom is the word for this, on everyone’s list and lips… Did you try and buy some technology so that you could work at home? Did you try and buy a webcam so you could use Zoom from your pc on your dining table? If you could ...

eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Technical Review of the eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone

Speakerphone Pros Speakerphone ConsCrisp and clear soundProtective case not providedThree microphones provide 360-degree coverage An effective noise reduction system Six-hour battery life Quickly connects via Bluetooth Dongle provided for use with non-Bluetooth devices   Walter Shillington, an external speaker can be connected to the Luna eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone Unboxing & Review Proper Usage of a Speakerphone In the business world, a properly run meeting is considered an invaluable tool.  Meetings are used to deliver monthly sales updates, educate the workforce, and provide an inclusive environment for brainstorming.  Departmental meetings assure everyone is kept up to date and working as a team. A Speakerphone ensures the point of view of everyone involved—even those that cannot be physically present at a meeting—may be heard.  These devices can generally be linked, via Bluetooth, to a phone or a device running a software calling program such as Zoom. Walter Shillington, the speakerphone being used with a General Dynamic's Go Book laptop to participate in a Zoom meeting In the following review, I examined the strengths and weaknesses of the eMeet Luna Speakerphone.  Specifications: ManufacturereMeetModelLunaWeight294 grams (10.4 ounces)Dimensions120 x 39 millimeters (4.7 x 1.5 inches)ConnectionBluetooth, USB, AUX, DongleBattery2,600mAhMicrophone3 AI Mic Array (360-degree coverage)Speaker3W at 1/89dBNoise SuppressionYesEcho CancellationYesFull DuplexYesDaisy ChainYesCompatibilityWindows 7/8/10 and macOSAccessoriesUSB cable, Aux cable, Dongle, User Manual   eMeet Luna Updated AI Noise Reduction Algorithm Featured The Manufacturer: Shenzhen eMeet Technology is a start-up company that develops innovative products based on intelligent voice, intelligent image, and natural language processing. Setup: Within seconds of pushing the power button and selecting pair new device on my smartphone, the eMeet ...

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