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AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor (Full HD LED) Review: One Dead Pixel, But A Bargain.

When shopping for a new monitor, there are three major criteria people take into consideration; size, price, and features. The AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor is a budget-friendly model that manages to find the balance between performance and price point. It's not really going to wow you but it will get the job done at an affordable cost.

AUZAI is known for its adaptable and functional monitors which help with increased productivity and efficiency, and the AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor does its best to live up to the standard.  

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Review - Build

I got a chance to review the AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor, after using it for almost a month, so without further ado, let's get into it.

Display & Specifications

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Display

Just as the name implies, the AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor features a 21.5-inch FHD LCD display with 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and 5ms response time. 

The screen is housed in an ABS plastic frame similar to what you might find on any other TV or monitor of similar size. The AUZAI 21.55 inch monitor has adjustable brightness, contrast, and color temperature settings that will allow you to fine-tune it according to your preferences before saving these presets for later use.

Though the monitor looks plain from every angle, the silver AUZAI logo can be found at the center of the bottom part of the screen.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor - Logo

The price-point of this monitor is definitely one of its biggest selling points for me personally, as well as the fact that it uses LED backlighting to negate any ghosting or motion blur which is a common issue with LCD monitors but, there's a price to pay for its low price. 

As stated in the Operating Instruction manual, we're sternly advised not to touch/press the screen as this could (will definitely) lead to the death of several pixels at that part of the screen.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Instructions

While I was setting up the monitor, my fingers had the slight misfortune of holding on to a spot on the right part of the screen too tightly. I then later noticed two green spots on the monitor display around the area my fingers pressed, which I later identified to be dead pixels that were formed as a result of excessive force being exerted on the display panels. One of these pixels later came back to life, but if you'd rather not have spots like these at all on your screen, you'd need to be extra careful when handling the monitor.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor - One Dead PIxel
AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor - Dead Pixel
One Dead Pixel - Up Close.

The AUZAI 21.5 inch monitor has a TN panel, which is short for “Twisted Nematic” technology, and uses liquid crystals to rotate light as it passes through; depending on what you're watching this can distribute those colors in different ways. 

One major advantage of these panels —aside from the obvious fact that they're cheaper compared to IPS panels— is that they respond quickly with as little as 1ms, and 2ms response time. This not only makes the 5ms response time the AUZAI monitor comes with disappointing; it also makes the monitor a less favorable option for gamers who require at most 2ms response time from their monitors to reduce lagging tendencies while gaming.

Another drawback of the TN panel is that it doesn't produce colors accurately. You might have little or no issue with this if all you use the monitor for is scanning through emails, reading webpages, or watching videos, but if you're a content creator, especially if you use/work with graphics a lot then this might be an issue as I noticed the color accuracy and picture quality were partly compromised when working with the monitor.

For gamers it should be good enough... provided that latency isn’t too high on your list of priorities 👀. As far as office work goes in general though, there just really isn't much difference between any sort of monitor except price point which makes the AUZAI Monitor a suitable option.  

Build & Design

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Review

The monitor, though plain in design with a plastic black frame, has comfortable viewing angles which make it great for sharing among friends or co-workers. It comes with a simple pedestal stand, which attaches at the back of its body. 

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Base Pedestal Stand

From here you can either pivot it 5 degrees forward or 15 degrees backward for more stability.

More importantly though is just how sturdy this design really is – thanks to the wide, round base and slimmer upright componentry of the stand that ensures the monitor stays put no matter what kind of pressure there may be elsewhere around it.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Base

The back of the AUZAI 21.5 inch monitor has holes for a VESA mount, which will allow you to easily attach it onto virtually any stand. The monitor offers flexibility with its VESA mount and detached stand, allowing you to easily attach it in any configuration that suits your needs. With a universal standard like this one for mounting, there are no limits on the type of third-party stands that will work well too, all you'd need to do would be to remove the pedestal stand and attach it.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Back Design

As you can see, there’s a few things to like about the AUZAI 21.5 inch monitor’s physical design. But like most desktop monitors, it’s not exactly portable. If you want a monitor that can travel with you, check out the Lepow 21 Series 15.6-inch Type-C Portable Display

Connectivity & Extras

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Review - Setup
A/My Setup.😎

One thing to point out here is that the monitor doesn't have any USB ports, so you won't be able to connect your flash drive or other peripherals. If you were also planning on using it as an external storage device or for your webcam then I'm afraid this isn't going to be possible with this unit.  But if you're looking to set up multiple monitors in your office or home the AUZAI monitor will be a good addition as it is equipped with both VGA and HDMI ports, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices. 

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor - Ports and Connectivity

There are also options for headphones and microphone jacks and I was able to easily connect different peripherals with the AUZAI Monitor. In this same area, you'll also find a small DC power input

You'll find a common set of controls for power and menu on this monitor, located at its lower right corner, these buttons will let you adjust brightness & contrast levels as well as access the OSD settings that allow you to switch between video inputs or change some other settings.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Brightness Settings

The AUZAI 21.5 inch monitor has an additional blue light filter that reduces the amount of blue light your eyes receive while you're viewing it, making this screen even more comfortable for viewers.

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor - Blue Light Filter

It's a shame that the AUZAI monitor doesn't include built-in speakers. I initially thought the two grills at the back were speakers but when they produced no sound after I had finished setting up, I went online to see if it was a default with my unit or a general thing. It was then I discovered that the two grills at the back are for heat dissipation, not audio output. 

This was especially disappointing since internal speakers are more or less standard on modern monitors, however, this means one has to buy an additional accessory if they want their audio heard - which might be too expensive for some people's taste.



Lightweight (2240 g with base)Not optimized for gaming
Versatile design.No built-in speakers
Built-in blue light filterColors aren’t as rich as they could be
Built-in LED backlightShort, proprietary AC adapter
Very affordableTN panel with limited viewing angles
VESA mount5ms response time

What's in the box?

AUZAI 21.5-inch Monitor Packaging

Inside the box, you'll find:

  • Power Adapter.
  • HDMI-Male to HDMI-Female Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Base/ Stand.
  • Warranty Card and Certification.

AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor Specifications


AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor

Screen Size21.5 Inches
Connectivity TechnologyVGA, HDMI
Resolution1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display TypeLED
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Refresh Rate 75HZ
Panel TypeTN
Response Time(ms)5ms
Brightness (cd/m²)250 Cd/M² LED Backlight - LCD


If you're looking for an affordable and efficient monitor, then the AUZAI 21.5-inch LCD Monitor should be on your list of monitors to check out. For about $100, this budget-friendly option offers decent specs with reasonable build quality making it functional for everyday use.

The monitor doesn't offer any special features, not even a USB port nor speakers for sound output. It's designed to only do the basics and it does them well at its price point which is why I think it deserves consideration if you're looking to get an inexpensive monitor for your home or office.

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