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Apple TV Might Introduce New 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 Display Support

Many tech enthusiasts and devoted users of Apple TV have been on the lookout for the latest Apple TV updates, and recently, there have been rumors about new significant updates to Apple’s offering in the media streaming industry. The Apple community of users, prospects, and innovators is filled with rumors about the 120Hz new generation display for the Apple TV due to code within the latest beta version of tvOS — tvOS 14.5 Beta. Code from PineBoard suggests that Apple TV might finally release its sixth generation, and it'll be equipped with a 120Hz display paired with HDMI 2.1. 

The primary focus in this rumor originated from PineBoard, Apple TV’s interface manager.  The tease was quickly grabbed, and many believe that this support would indeed be released. While it’s relatively easy to embrace these rumors wholeheartedly as PineBoard is an internal tool of Apple’s, it would be somewhat hasty to take these speculations as the absolute truth right now, as Apple is yet to make official announcements. Meanwhile, it would be fantastic news for the Apple TV Community if this new high-refresh-rate support is realized.

Apple TV 4K with support for 120Hz Display

The latest model of the Apple TV is the Apple TV 4K which is also the fifth generation of the series. It dates as far back as 2017 and features about 4k at 60Hz, but has a major limitation in form of its HDMI 2.0 port. Hence, a new Apple TV Model with 4K support at two times the previous generation's Frequency would indeed be a massive upgrade. Of course, this 120Hz display support is expected to be paired with an HDMI 2.1 port, an upgrade from the HDMI 2.0 on previous versions that would enable the fast transfer of media content from the Apple TV box to your display device. The teased high-refresh-rate can only be enjoyed with a 120Hz supported display which is now fast-rising in the luxury market.

Last year's iPhone 12 release was also teased, and like all major upgrades, there were lots of tests running for different prototypes. Generally, Apple aims to faster refresh rates on their devices, perking the devices' responses to stimuli, controls, and touches. The company has not confirmed these specifications, but they are highly expected. The 120Hz refresh would likely be introduced to the Apple iPhone 13, which already has its fair share of teases and rumors

In 2021, Apple devices would see significant upgrades in speed and other aspects. Apple has announced this year's date for their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which would once again be online because of the COVID-19 era. According to their announcements, the event would last for five days — June 7 to June 11. Apple might unveil the new iOS 15 and new upgrades for macOS. 

While the rumored 120Hz Display Support for Apple TV may not be accurate, the new iOS 15 and macOS upgrades are still highly expected.

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