Apple iPads and MacBooks with OLED Displays might be coming in 2022


Apple iPads and MacBooks with OLED Displays might be coming in 2022

OLED has been a hotcake for some years now, and while the most popular adoption of the display tech has been in smartphones across the flagship and mid-range spectrum, companies like Apple are taking an extra step forward to adopt the OLED display tech for more of their product lineups; specifically, Apple might be launching updated versions of its iPad tablets and MacBook laptops in 2022 with OLED displays, according to a report from DigiTimes.

Apple is not new to the OLED display game. The company's first wearable device - the Apple Watch - and every Apple Watch model since the first one was launched in 2015, sport AMOLED displays from LG. The Touch Bar introduced to the MacBook Pro lineup in 2016 is also made of OLED, and the company started its fresh lineup of flagship smartphones in 2017 with the iPhone X which sports an OLED display. All of Apple's flagship smartphones since then, including the whole of the iPhone 12 series, have an OLED display.

Apple iPhone XS OLED

This is not the first we've heard of Apple considering a different display technology than its usual LCD on its larger portable smart devices (the iPad and MacBook). Reports came out late last year (in December 2020) about the Cupertino company working on a new form factor and external redesign for its two MacBook Pro models, with both expected to come with Mini-LED displays and launch sometime in 2021 with, of course, the latest Apple Silicon (M1X? M2?) chips.

Talks of the same company working on two different display technologies for the same categories of its devices at the same time might be confusing, but the sources cited by DigiTimes say that these models with the different display techs will exist alongside one another, as they would be targeted at different customer groups. This also means that although these MacBooks might have the same internal configurations, they could be offered at different price ranges, allowing the customers to choose the overall combination that suits them the most.

updated Apple iPad

The first of the Apple devices to get a new display in the form of OLED would be the 10.9-inch iPad, which currently is the iPad Air that's probably getting a 2022 refresh. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro would also join in this display refresh, and both would be accompanied by their elder counterpart in the full-fledged computer category - the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Sources say development towards the inclusion of the OLED display tech in these devices would commence towards the end of 2021, and we should expect the devices to be annoucned sometime in early 2022.

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